Asis International

Asis International

Asis International (Formerly the American Society for Industrial Security)

In line with Robert D. McCrie

about Asis International in the Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement:

At one level or another, security-protection of assets from loss-as a management function has always had a connection with law enforcement. The principal professional group concerned with this problem and issue-ASIS International-has long had substantial membership from former or current law enforcement officers, though current or past law enforcement employment has never been a requirement for membership. Security services as a business activity originated in the United States of America during the mid-19th century. Allen Pinkerton, a former deputy sheriff of Cook County, Illinois, solved vexing counterfeit problems as Chicago's sole detective in 1848. Later he founded a business that conducted investigations of losses to railroads and the United States Post Office. Still later, the firm expanded services to provide armed and unarmed guarding, intelligence gathering services, and executive protection.

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