Bail Agent

Bail Agent

Bondsman or Bail Agent

In line with Dennis Alan Bartlett

about Bail Agent in the Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement:

Bail is the means by which the United States criminal justice system permits the release of a defendant from custody while ensuring his appearance at all required court proceedings. Bail (from the French bailler , to deliver) is the legacy of Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence wherein defendants were delivered to their sureties, who gave security for their appearance. Current practice allows a number of kinds of bail, the most common of which are the following: 1. Deposit bail, usually 10% of the face amount of the bond, deposited with the court, returnable to the defendant upon making required appearances. 2. Own recognizance release, wherein the defendant is released on his or her promise to appear, but liable for the full amount of the bail should he or she default in appearing. 3. Financially secured release through a commercial surety, called a bondsman or bail agent.

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