Christopher Commission

Christopher Commission

The Christopher Commission

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about Christopher Commission in the Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement:

The Christopher Commission was a special, independent investigative body created on April 1, 1991, by Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley to examine the structure and operations of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) with the assistance of the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office. The Commission's mission was to recommend reform to eliminate the excessive use of force by law enforcement, specifically by the LAPD. Its creation was a response to the George Holliday videotape of 27 California law enforcement officers, 23 of whom were from the LAPD, who were present at the savage beating of 25-year-old African American (United States) motorist Rodney King on Sunday morning, March 3, 1991. The videotape was the subject of numerous press reports both in the United States of America and throughout the world. The beating involved 56 baton strikes, plus numerous kicks to King's head and body by four LAPD officers-Sergeant Koon and officers Briseno, Powell, and Wind.

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