Death Penalty

Death Penalty

Federally Eligible Crimes for Death Penalty

In line with Janice K. Dunham

about Death Penalty in the Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement:

The federal government, as well as the individual state governments, can impose the death penalty. It can impose a death sentence in federal courts or in military court under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. American (United States) Indian courts try capital cases if the crime is committed on tribal land. If a capital crime is subject to both state and federal jurisdiction, the federal court takes precedence, although this does not deny the state's right to prosecute. The president of the United States of America is the only source of clemency for federal capital crimes (there is more information about criminal law in the American Legal Encyclopedia and about crimes and criminals vocabulary). In the modern era, murder is the preeminent capital crime. All capital punishment jurisdictions take the offense of murder and surround it with a variety of special circumstances that make it a death-eligible offense. Murder can be capital or noncapital. The surrounding special circumstances create the possibility for execution.

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