Gays in Policing

In line with Nickie Phillips

about Gays in the Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement:

Like a number of occupations, policing provides a challenging employment context for the gay population. Some gay officers have experienced not only disapproval and/or discrimination from fellow police officers, but also find that the gay community is hostile toward them as well. This is due, in part, to law enforcement's history of bias toward homosexuals. For example, a number of questions from psychological tests used in the past as part of a police recruit's application process were specifically used to weed out gay men from the field. As a result, gay officers may be closeted at work, and some have even hidden their occupation from peers in the gay community. The relationship between gay men and women and the policing community has been a tenuous one, with well-documented incidents when police themselves have harassed gays and ignored their victimization.

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