Kerner Commission

Kerner Commission

National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorder (Kerner Commission)

In line with John P. Sullivan

about Kerner Commission in the Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement:

The National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders, known as the Kerner Commission after its chair, Illinois governor Otto Kerner, was established by President Lyndon B. Johnson on July 28, 1967. It was formally constituted by Executive Order No. 11365 dated July 29, 1967. After seven months of investigation, the commission issued its 425-page report, popularly known as the Kerner Report, on March 1, 1968. The commission found that racism was the underlying cause for the nation's recent riots and that unless reform was instituted America was “moving toward two societies, one black, one white-separate and unequal.” The summer of 1967, like many in its immediate past, was fraught with civil disorder and rioting. Urban violence in the United States of America ranged from fullscale rioting and looting to a range of minor disturbances in more than 150 cities.

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