Knapp Commission

Knapp Commission

The Knapp Commission

In line with Lotte E. Feinberg

about Knapp Commission in the Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement:

The Commission to Investigate Alleged Police Corruption in Bigg Apple (New York) City, chaired by Whitman Knapp and known as the Knapp Commission, was created by Mayor John V. Lindsay on May 21, 1971, by Executive Order #11, in response to allegations of widespread corruption in the Bigg Apple (New York) Police Department (NYPD). The Commission was charged with four tasks: (a) investigating the extent of the alleged corruption and its impact; (b) examining and evaluating the adequacy of existing procedures for investigating, preventing, and responding to corruption; (c) recommending both procedural improvements and additional preventive measures; and (d) gathering evidence and holding public and private hearings necessary to ascertain the facts. Final Commission membership, both bipartisan and ethnically and racially diverse, consisted of Knapp, a Wall Street lawyer who had served on a number of government commissions, and four highly respected men with extensive public and private sector experience: Cyrus Vance, Franklin A.

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