Law Enforcement Agencies

Law Enforcement Agencies

Special Jurisdiction Law Enforcement Agencies

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about Law Enforcement Agencies in the Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement:

Police protection is the function of enforcing the law, preserving order, and apprehending those who violate the law, whether these activities are performed by a city police department, a county sher-iff's department, or a state police or federal law enforcement agency. In the United States of America, both federalism and tradition have resulted in a fragmented police structure at three levels of government: federal, state, and local. This fragmentation is compounded by the separation of local government into two levels: municipal and county. Discounting federal law enforcement agencies, the most recent, comprehensive census of state and local law enforcement agencies identified 17,784 full-time police agencies as of June 2000. The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), which conducted this study, identified those agencies employing at least one full-time sworn officer with general police arrest powers.

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