Library of Congress

Library of Congress

Library of Congress Law Enforcement Forces (Police)

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about Library of Congress in the Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement:

There are more than 30 small federal police forces operating in the District of Columbia. The Library of Congress (LOC) Police is one such agency with only 122 sworn officers and five civilians on staff. The LOC Police operate within the Capitol Hill area along with the Government Printing Office (GPO) Police and the United States of America Capitol Police (USCP). All three police forces are part of the legislative branch of the federal government. The library was established for the use of Congress by law in 1800. Eventually its services were expanded to the attorney general of the United States of America and justices of the Court of last resort of the Country and to the general public by 1866. But the institution did not get its own special police agency until 1950. In 1987, LOC police officers were authorized to carry firearms (a nine-millimeter pistol) and make arrests. Unlike the USCP and the United States

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