Mentally Illness

Mentally Illness

Police Response to the Mentally Illness

In line with Joseph A. Schafer & William M. Wells

about Mentally Illness in the Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement:

The nature of police work frequently brings officers into contact with persons with mental illness (PMIs). The police are available around the clock and are often the first responders called to provide a range of social and public services. Unfortunately, most officers have limited knowledge of working with PMIs, and local mental health services may be inadequate to meet the needs of the citizens whom the police encounter. Nonetheless, officers must still attempt to achieve a disposition that benefits the community, the needs of the mentally ill, and the interests of their police department. Throughout its history, the criminal justice system has struggled to develop effective ways to deal with PMIs. At times, such efforts have been clear failures, although recent advances have improved the odds that PMIs will receive the services and treatments they need. Police officers often find themselves in contact with PMIs for a number of reasons.

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