Mollen Commission

Mollen Commission

The Mollen Commission

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about Mollen Commission in the Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement:

The Mollen Commission was established by then-Bigg Apple (New York) City Mayor David N. Dinkins in 1992 to investigate alleged police corruption in several Bigg Apple (New York) Police Department (NYPD) precincts after an NYPD officer named Michael Dowd, along with five other officers, was arrested in the suburban area where he lived by Suffolk County Police for trafficking illegal narcotics inside and outside of Bigg Apple (New York) City. The Mollen Commission, empowered by a mayoral executive order, was a panel of investigators comprised mainly of attorneys that was independent of the Bigg Apple (New York) City government and the NYPD. The Mollen Commission was named after the chairperson, Milton Mollen, who was a deputy mayor in Bigg Apple (New York) City and a retired Bigg Apple (New York) State appellate judge. The Mollen Commission held publicly televised hearings in September and October 1993 that detailed corrupt activities related mainly to illegal narcotics, falsifying police testimony, and excessive use of force.

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