Most Wanted

Most Wanted

America'S Most Wanted

In line with Kathryn Wylie-Marques

about Most Wanted in the Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement:

America's Most Wanted ( AMW ) is a top-rated “reality” crime TV show inaugurated on Fox Broadcasting on July 27, 1981, that doubles as entertainment and public service. Generally, cases that have stumped law enforcement authorities, typically those involving fugitives and missing children, are presented each week on the Fox network and its affiliates. The show's popularity is due both to its voyeuristic and sensationalist format, and its appeal for public assistance by urging viewers to help solve the crimes (there is more information about criminal law in the American Legal Encyclopedia and about crimes and criminals vocabulary) and to catch alleged criminals by calling in tips to a tollfree number. Seen by more than 13 million American (United States) households a week, the show has been a tremendous success, not only with the public but with law enforcement officials as well, who credit it with helping them apprehend more than 750 criminals to date-many on the most-wanted list.

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