National Incident-Based Reporting System

National Incident-Based Reporting System

National Incident-Based Reporting System (Nibrs)

In line with Adam J. McKee

about National Incident-Based Reporting System in the Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement:

There is a prevailing belief that the advancement of efficient and effective criminal justice policy requires an accurate picture of crime. The primary tool for assessing crime in America has been the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) since its inception during the 1930s. Criticism of the UCR began almost as soon as the program began. One of the most frequent concerns was how crimes (there is more information about criminal law in the American Legal Encyclopedia and about crimes and criminals vocabulary) were counted. The original purpose of the UCR was to provide a basis for comparison. This led to a measure of crime that, although it provided an easily comparable set of indexes, failed to provide in-depth information about specific incidents of crime that would be extremely useful to theorists, researchers, and the police themselves.

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