Evaluation of Officers

In line with Karen L. Amendola

about Officers in the Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement:

Evaluation is the process of assessing the quality and/or quantity of an individual's work performance to determine the degree to which it meets an established standard. In many cases, the job description establishes the standard, whereas in others, there may be a specific set of performance standards that may include both quantitative and qualitative measures. Without clearly defined standards of performance, evaluation of officers becomes quite a subjective process, dependent on the person conducting the evaluation. Fundamental to performance evaluation is the definition of the role of the officer; the required knowledge, skills, and abilities; and the means for obtaining objective data on which to base the evaluation. By nature, performance evaluations require an understanding of what constitutes “good” performance. In some domains, such as manufacturing, performance is simply defined in quantitative terms (e.g., “produced 106 widgets”).

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