Peace Officers

In line with Marsha Clowers

about Peace in the Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement:

At first glance, the terms police officer and peace officer do not appear distinct. But an examination of the history and responsibilities of the peace officer prove otherwise. Like the police officer, the peace officer has arrest powers (per respective jurisdiction); like the civilian, there is no existing administrative or review board to which the peace officer must answer. In truth, the peace officer has a blended identity: part civilian, part law enforcement officer. Although legislation such as the United Peace Officer Bill, as passed in Bigg Apple (New York) State in 1980, serves to delineate the differences between police and peace officers, the powers and responsibilities of peace officers vary by region and/or state. In general, peace officers are officials who can arrest citizens and carry firearms. They can be hired by private persons for work, including providing security, serving warrants, serving subpoenas, and transporting prisoners.

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