Private Security

Private Security

Private Security Industry Growth in Western Countries

In line with R. van Steden & L.W.J.C. Huberts

about Private Security in the Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement:

The organization of policing has been restructured globally over the last 25 years. A major development is that certain public functions of social control and order maintenance are shifting toward private organizations. In this respect, it is worth noting the “multilateralization process” of providing security. Both the state and nonstate sectors are directly involved in the governance of security, and public-private divisions of tasks have become blurred. Public authorities are now embedded in “nodes of governance”-a multifarious interlocking of state, market, and civil society. It is particularly commercial organizations in the West that play an increasingly important role in protecting the citizens of nation-states. In some contemporary societies, uniformed private guards even outnumber national police forces. Private contract security companies employing guards are most well known and most visible in shopping malls, business complexes, airports, and other quasi-public spaces.

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