Rampart Investigation

Rampart Investigation

The Rampart Investigation

In line with Lydia Segal

about Rampart Investigation in the Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement:

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Rampart Division scandal of the late 1990s involved a cabal of tightly knit cops within Los Angeles's Rampart police station who behaved like the gangs they were supposed to police. Giving currency to the phrase “gangster cop,” the officers robbed, stole drugs and sold them on the street, committed murder, and planted evidence to cover up crimes (there is more information about criminal law in the American Legal Encyclopedia and about crimes and criminals vocabulary). The Rampart scandal was significant for many reasons. First, the LAPD had not seen such systemic, blatantly criminal conduct since the 1930s, when Mayor Frank Shaw presided over what was known as the “Shaw spoils system.” Under that system, municipal officers ranging from district attorneys to the LAPD Central Vice Squad took bribes from madams, bootleggers, and gamblers. Political scandals and kickbacks involving the police were legion.

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