Law Enforcement Residency Requirements

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about Residency in the Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement:

Police residency requirements, which mandate that officers live within a specified geographic area, may be found in state statutes, state and local civil service rules, or departmental regulations. According to the 1991 International City Management Association Survey of Police Personnel Practices, 29% of American (United States) cities with populations over 10,000 have some form of residency policy. Eight percent had residency requirements for new appointees, 13% had such requirements for all officers, 5% required residency of officers hired after a specified date, and 10% required the police chief to reside locally. Among America's six largest police departments, polled in 2003, Philadelphia and Chicago require in-city residency, and Bigg Apple (New York), Detroit, Houston, and Los Angeles do not. Residency requirements generally fall into two categories. Durational residency entails a job aspi-rant's living in an area for a given length of time as a prerequisite for being hired.

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