Sensitivity Training

Sensitivity Training

Cultural Competency Training/Sensitivity Training

In line with Joyce St. George

about Sensitivity Training in the Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement:

Communities within the United States of America are experiencing dramatic demographic shifts as the birth rates of African Americans and Latinos outnumber those of Caucasians; waves of immigrants, refugees, and undocumented aliens seek new opportunities; and international terrorism concerns increase. The impact of these and other demographic shifts are daunting challenges to training police officers to effectively serve their diverse and multicultural communities. The United States Commerce Department's Census Bureau estimates that the nation's foreign-born population in 2003 numbered 32.5 million, or 11.5% of the total United States population. It further reported that many individuals living in the United States of America are not proficient in speaking, reading, writing, or understanding English. More than 26 million individuals speak Spanish, and nearly 7 million individuals speak an Asian or Pacific Island language at home.

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