Serial Murder

Serial Murder

Serial Murder Investigation

In line with Steven A. Egger

about Serial Murder in the Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement:

A serial murder investigation is generally initiated by an agency or group of agencies following the identification of a series or probable series of related homicides. This occurs in four different situations: 1. One or more unsolved murders are connected to the original case by victims, crime scenes, attacks, geography, or any actions or situations that convince investigators that they are dealing with a series. This was certainly the case when people were shot in and around Washington, DC, in the fall of 2002. That series of murders quickly became known as the “DC Sniper case.” 2. A non-law enforcement source places enough pressure on an agency or group of agencies for a formal serial murder investigation. In the case of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, relatives of homicide victims convinced the police to check for similarities of DNA among the victims, which resulted in the arrest of Derek Todd Lee, 3.

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