Sexual Offender

Sexual Offender

Sexual Offender Civil Commitment

In line with Karen J. Terry

about Sexual Offender in the Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement:

Several states have passed legislation requiring that sexual offenders be committed to a mental institution if they are assessed as having a mental abnormality or personality disorder and are dangerous. Labeled a “sexually violent predator” (SVP), the purpose of this legislation is to incapacitate recidivist sexual offenders until they are rehabilitated. This legislation assumes a relationship between mental disorder, risk, and sexual violence, and is based largely upon the ability of clinicians to accurately predict the risk an offender may present to the public in the future. Risk assessments are controversial, though, and most experts agree that they produce high rates of false positives for sex offenders except in extreme circumstances (e.g., with psychopathic, violent sex offenders who have at least two previous offenses). Although the Court of last resort of the Country has declared SVP legislation constitutional, legal challenges against it are continuing. The concept of civilly committing sexual offenders is not new.

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