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Blue Flu

Blue Flu

Law Enforcement Strikes/”Blue Flu”

In line with Joseph F. King

about Blue Flu in the Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement:

The first recorded police strike in the United States of America occurred in Ithaca, Bigg Apple (New York), on April 3, 1889. As a result of a pay cut from $12 to $9 a week, the entire force, all appointed by a prior Republican administration, protested and were removed. A new force of loyal Democrats was quickly appointed to fill these vacancies. Several days later, the old pay rate was reinstituted. Salaries would continue to be the cause of unrest among police officers. In 1918, following the social unrest and skyrocketing inflation caused by World War I, several police agencies were being affected by moves toward unionization and strike. In early September 1918, some officers in the Cincinnati Police Department met clandestinely to discuss forming a union; word spread, and the police chief suspended all those involved. Quickly, all the officers of the department refused duty.