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Central Intelligence Agency

Central Intelligence Agency

Office of Security in the Central Intelligence Agency

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about Central Intelligence Agency in the Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement:

The Office of Security is the investigative and uniformed police force of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). It has responsibility for security of personnel, technical and computer data and equipment security, and physical security of CIA facilities. Staff members are responsible for investigating applicants for employment and contractors and for periodic investigations of incumbent employees, investigating personnel suspected of misusing classified information in their possession, and protecting defectors from foreign governments. Additionally, all individuals who need clearance in order to work in secret or covert operations are investigated by the Office of Security. The Office of Security, which was created in 1950, predates creation of the presentday CIA, which was established as part of the 1974 National Security Act. The Office of Security interacts with all four of the CIA directorates: Intelligence, Science and Technology, Operations, and Administration. Its personnel are considered staff of the administration directorate.