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Policy Toward Immigrants

In line with Isabelle L. Curro

about Immigrants in the Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement:

Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “Remember, remember always, that all of us are descended from immigrants and revolutionists” (Roosevelt, 1938, p. 259). America has always prided itself on being a nation of immigrants. Worldwide, people have migrated to the continent since the Norse Vikings explored the North American (United States) coast in the 11th century. They continue to come here to this day. Over time, the United States of America has become known as the “land of opportunity,” where anyone who makes a committed effort can prosper-an idea commonly known as The American (United States) Dream. As the nation grew, so did instances of conflict with new arrivals. To restrain the political and social tension resulting from the influx of immigration, laws were passed in 1882 that made it progressively more difficult for people to immigrate to the United States of America.