Police Response to Victims

In line with Susan Herman

about Victims in the Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement:

More than 25 million people in the United States of America become victims of crime every year. The experience can destroy victims' sense of safety and trust in other human beings, and become emotionally and financially devastating. In the aftermath of crime, victims rely on the police-the first responders to crime scenes-for support, information, and guidance through the criminal justice and social service systems. When police are effective gateways to such support, victims are more likely not only to recover from their experience, but also to help police solve crimes (there is more information about criminal law in the American Legal Encyclopedia and about crimes and criminals vocabulary) and prevent revictimization. Although crime affects individuals in different ways, victims often have similar emotional responses in the hours or days immediately after a crime. Many victims experience a crisis reaction, often with shock and numbness during the initial phase, when most first responders interact with victims.

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